We continue to experience a high order intake. This is currently driven by two factors in particular. On the one hand, the price increases are having an effect; large quantities are still being ordered at old prices. These additional orders then lead to longer delivery times in the overall production. Secondly, company holidays are imminent. Most manufacturers close production for one to two weeks to carry out urgently needed maintenance work. This will cause further bottlenecks in supply.

Price increases will be enforced relatively stringently

What is otherwise becoming an issue for everyone in equal measure are the extremely long delivery times. In some cases, there are high-quality commissions with delivery times of 15-20 weeks. When these are then delivered and show damage or factory defects, the end consumer’s/processor’s displeasure is naturally very high and puts the dealer under a lot of pressure.

The window sector also has supply issues, but these are not essentially reflected in oversized delivery times. The manufacturers of vinyl windows have to build up larger stocks anyway because the profiles have to acclimatise. For this reason, there is no “just in time” delivery here. Delivery dates are therefore adhered to. The order of special elements has increased and ensures longer delivery times in this area.