In the following, interested parties receive a current status report on the individual product groups. Wholesalers in particular take a detailed look at many relevant product ranges in their daily work.

KVH-NSI / Lath Assortments

The supply of sawn timber for KVH producers currently does not allow planning for longer periods. Especially preferred cross-sections with 20- to 24-centimetre heights are exported by the sawmills or are only available for further processing to a limited extent. After the very turbulent months, there is currently a decline in demand, which can be explained by the holiday months as well as larger stocks of the craft enterprises. Delivery times will not increase further in the summer, but certain cross-sections will probably only be available with delays. Prices will not increase further, the price validity will be extended gradually. In the lath assortments, stocks in the trade have recovered. The price development has currently stopped, the further development in the summer months is unfortunately not clearly predictable.

Planed goods / rough billets

The supply of planed goods assortments and rough billets has come to a head, as the supply of raw lamellas and side goods is no longer sufficient. There is hardly any relief in sight here, as the Scandinavians are going on their summer holidays. The price situation is currently firm.

Spruce 3-ply boards

Delivery times are now 10 to 12 weeks, the factories are working at full capacity and cannot sufficiently ensure the supply of the necessary sawn timber. There is a threat of production cuts if the supply of sawn timber does not improve.

Wood fibre boards

The well-known manufacturers can only cover the current demand with a clear delay of up to four months. An improvement is only in sight when additional production capacities are added in autumn/winter.

Wood-based materials/OSB

The supply situation in the OSB sector is still manageable. However, since the beginning of June, demand from the trade has also decreased. The partly extreme price demands of individual industry partners of far more than 800,- €/m³ are hardly accepted any more. The big challenge remains that there is no uniform market level in the OSB sector. The relatively quickly available goods are correspondingly expensive and we have to see how the prices develop towards August. Therefore, we recommend to buy only the very essential at high price levels. In the medium price segment, however, the recommendation remains to leave sufficient goods in the forecast. Also because in the third quarter at least the suppliers Norbord and Sonae Arauco will have maintenance-related plant shutdowns. Therefore, the supply situation remains very exciting.

MDF and particleboard

The supply of both ranges will remain very difficult in the third quarter. In the area of moisture-proof boards, the situation will become even more acute. Due to force majeure at BASF, there will be delivery shortfalls for melamine impregnating resins, so both P3 and P5 boards will only be available in very small quantities for months to come. Upcoming sales by Pfleiderer in Poland could lead to further shortages.


The availability of birch plywood has further deteriorated, only a part of the usual quantities comes from Russia to Germany. This is because Russia has opened up other target markets. This could be a response to the anti-dumping duties that have now been provisionally imposed; these amount to between 15 and 17%, depending on the mill. Similarly, softwood plywoods are only very manageably available on the market. Due to the shortage, prices in the plywood sector have risen rapidly.