We have been working with wood since 1878. Everything to do with packaging is our passion. With our investment in a new fh4 panel-sizing saw from IMA Schelling, we can produce individual panels, packages and complete series for you even faster and more flexibly – and at favourable industrial prices.

With the IMA Schelling, we offer you individual feeding, material handling and stacking variants that can be adapted to customer-specific requirements. We manufacture blanks from a panel size of up to 5000 x 2500 mm and a thickness of up to 60mm. Send us your cut list and receive immediate pricing for your project.

Available products: Plywood / raw chipboard / OSB / hardboard / MDF / HDF and solid wood panels.

And of course, all of this is also available as a contract cut.

Please send your enquiries to: info@gluud.de

Sven Manekeller – Sales Management